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Melanie Williams

Melanie Williams

Founder and President

Melanie Williams is the visionary leader behind Pursuit 3416. Before establishing Pursuit 3416, Melanie volunteered with anti-sex trafficking organizations and worked directly with teen sex trafficked survivors for 9 years. Working with survivors directly and seeing first hand the long-term effects of the abuse and manipulation, Melanie is fiercely driven to end all crimes against the innocent. Today, in addition to her work with the non-profit, Melanie is actively involved in the community and organizations that are working together to combat this evil such as: Child Advocacy Center of Wentzville, NCMEC, local police organizations, and more. These partnerships that Melanie has established allow her to stay ahead of the ever-evolving tactics predators are using and ensure our community, parents and youth, can be as informed as possible. 

Outside of her advocacy work, Melanie finds joy in exploring the world and embracing the beauty of God's creation with her husband, Brent, and their two grown children. Melanie also has a passion for design and has worked in that industry for over 30 years, all while creating and establishing her non-profit.


Kayla Sifuentes 

Vice President and Director of Training + Development

If you get the chance to meet Kayla you will quickly learn that she is someone who is extremely passionate, cares deeply for others, and loves talking.  Since high school Kayla has taken that love for people and pursued opportunities that focus on growing individuals skills and knowledge so that they can be the best version of themselves.  Inspired by her own learning of the horrific nature of human trafficking Kayla, with no hesitation, decided to partner with Pursuit 3416 as the Director of Training + Development to help bring awareness and an end to human trafficking everywhere. 


When Kayla is not hard at work creating powerpoints or drafting presentations, you will likely find her outdoors with her husband and son enjoying God’s wonderful gifts of nature and the great outdoors.


Abbey Wilson

Treasurer - Director of Marketing + Fundraising

Abbey Wilson is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. At church she serves with the best kids ever- BABIES! She also is on the leadership team for Celebrate Recovery. She is married to Nick Wilson and together they have three wild Wilson boys.


When she is not doing marketing and fundraising for Veritas Christian Academy during the day you can find her outside doing anything not on a computer. As a mother of three boys, Abbey feels compelled to help this ministry accomplish its mission because our children are the stewards of the next generation. With the right information they can be the generation that ends this. 

Blair Williams Photo (1).heic

Blair Williams

Secretary and Behavioral Health Consultant

Blair is a therapist that works primarily with teens and young adults struggling in a variety of different areas (depression, anxiety, boundaries, identity, etc.). She has a passion for people to understand they are fully known and fully loved by their Creator. This passion has inspired her to partner with Pursuit 3416 and be a part of God's bigger plan in ending the crime that is Human Trafficking. 

In her free time, you can find Blair trying out a new coffee shop, traveling to visit her friends all over the US, or cheering on the Kansas Jayhawks (Rock Chalk!). 


Alesha Meadows

Digital Marketing Manager

Alesha is naturally introverted, but her heart is big when it comes to helping others. She's passionate about spreading the word of Jesus as well as raising awareness about human trafficking.

When Alesha stumbled upon Pursuit 3416, it felt like destiny. She knew she had to be a part of it. Now, she spends her time creating our social media posts, updating the website, and capturing memories at our events.

Beyond her work with Pursuit 3416, Alesha is also the Digital Content Coordinator for the City of Wentzville. In her downtime, you'll find Alesha binge-watching her favorite TV shows, attending country concerts, and cheering on the Cardinals with all her might during the summer


Sheri Parisi

Team Member

Sheri was designed with a heart committed to pray for others. A few years ago, Sheri was called to be a prayer warrior specifically for the victims of human trafficking. Her passion and fervent prayers increased after being trained and educated to become a mentor with those who had been rescued. Sheri is honored to be a part of Pursuit 3416 team's mission to provide knowledge to communities so that they may be mindful and equipped to stop Human Trafficking. 

During her personal time Sheri enjoys reading God's Word, traveling as well as spending time among His masterpieces in nature with her family and friends. 

Mary Day

Team Member

Mary has a heart to help people with a broken spirit & heart and to help them discover and understand the unfailing and unconditional love that Jesus has for them.  He is the only one who will never leave you or forsake you (Deut 31:6). That their identity is not in what the world says about them but only what God says about them.  Mary has a desire to educate people about sex trafficking in our country, a subject that is not often talked about but is still very real. 


She has served in her church from babies to teens as well as prayer partner.  Her spare time includes reading, bible study, sewing & decorating - especially repurposing items.  Mary and  her husband John celebrated 32 years of marriage and have 2 children and 7 grandchildren.  What a joy her family is!   


Patty Hermeyer

Team Member

Patty has recently joined the team with a desire to help and support this ministry on the front lines to protect our most precious - children. Jesus warned people not to come between Himself and children. She is passionate about the call of Pursuit 3416 to shine light into the dark places where children are being hurt and exploited. 

Patty is blessed with 41 years with her husband and grateful for their weekly family dinners with all the kids and grandkids (and the laughter that ensues).


Patty loves to learn new things; and spends time with the youth group at church, or reading. She is a creative writer and enjoys photographing His marvelous creation.  But nothing is a greater treasure to Patty than relationship. Always discovering more of the Father heart of God and grateful for every relationship He gives us with each other; connecting hearts as He planned from the beginning.


Team Member

Tina is a blessing to our ministry.  Her kindness, generosity, and purity of heart are rare.  She thrives to make everyone feel the love of Christ and like her teammates, her hope is to stop all forms of abuse against children.

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